The study program will start from the same level the student is at and it will be designed regarding the needs that are requested by the student himself and to the objectives he wants to achieve.


In my online lessons I will deal with different themes and topics related to this instrument:

- we will work on how to acquire a correct grip of the sticks with a correct posture to develop a good sound on the instrument;

- we will work on the technique through the study of the Snare Drum, distinguishing the ways and the circumstances for how we can work with both wrists and fingers;

- we will give importance to the rhythmic solfege, for learning all the necessary knowledge to be able to read a musical chart, both on the snare drum and on the drumset;

- we will deepen the study of the rudiments, of the rhythmic readings on the snare drum, of the marches, and on how to transpose these concepts then on all the drumset, analyzing at the same time the various approaches towards the dynamics;

- we will work on taking care of the sound through the study of the groove tradition, and on how to obtain a perfect balance between the volumes;

- we will take care of the accompaniment and grooves in the various styles and musical genres, with references to the rhythms and ways of accompaniment of the great drummers, approaching all their particularities and the musical characteristics to be respected in the performance;

- we will work in the development of swing and phrasing in Jazz, through the study of the independence and phrasing style of the different periods and of the great drummers;

- we will deal specifically with everything related to the art of improvisation of this instrument, working on all the various possibles approaches on how to build a solo in the various styles and on how to respect the character of the piece and of the musical genre.