Drummer. Percussionist. Educator.

Gergo Borlai

"Roberto is an extremely talented new generation drummer. A humble, very musical player, who’s also a real virtuoso. I’m following him since years and noticed immediately, he’s one of the most powerful representative of his generation. I’m sure he’ll have a successful future!".


 Marius Pop

"Roberto Porta to me is one of my favorite drummers for his advanced drum technique and versatility. His complexity made me choose him on my fusion album and on some of my pop production work. He is one of the best!!!".

Marius 2.jpg

"Roberto is by far one of the brightest talents I've met since I've been playing drums. His incredible technique and musical knowledge testify to the great passion and hard work he put into cultivating his skills from a very young age. I can only imagine the contribution and inspiration that Roberto will be able to dare to the world of music and drums, and I am sure that soon we will hear about him all over the world, together with the other big names that we all already know and admire ".

Federico Paulovich


 Maxx Furian

"My job is to play and to teach since many years. I have always been lucky because I managed to attract talents who trusted me and that have taught me a lot. One of these is Roberto, a curious, a simple, an educated and a respectful boy with an Incredible Talent. I think that the world will need his drumming contribution. I will sit and wait for his great successes and I will say... I knew it".


 Mario Guarini

"Roberto Porta is a very talented drummer whose we will surely hear in the future, not only for his young age, for the technique reached and the preparation, but for the passion that distinguishes him which is truly inexhaustible. Passion is the best gas you can have to face the long and tiring journey of a career in music. Bravo Roberto I am proud of you and you know it".