DS Drums & Sabian Cymbals

In 2019, I joined the DS DRUM ITALY and SABIAN CYMBALS family, as I have been chosen as one of the winners of the "IDM The Project" competition. Therefore at stake I received the collaboration with the DS DRUM brand together with SABIAN. For all that regards the gear that I have available, it is composed by:

- the DS REBEL drumset model in birch / mahogany, "Instagram" finish, consisting of the

- Bass Drum 22x14;

- Toms 10x8 and 12x8;

- Floor Toms 14x13 and 16x13;

- Brass Rebel Snare drum 14x6;

- Maple Rebel Snare drum 14x7.

For all that concernes my Sabian cymbals set, it is composed by:

- a Sabian FRX crash 18";

- a AA China 20";

- a Legacy HHX hi-hat 14";

- an Evolution HHX crash 18";

- a Legacy HHX heavy ride 20";

- an Evolution HHX crash 17";

- an O'Zone AAX crash 18".

I really care about giving my special thanks for all of this to Luca Deorsola of DS DRUM ITALY, to Gianluca Cesarii of FBT Musical Instrument Distribution, and to the social media manager of DS DRUM, Riccardo Ruiu.