My passion for music and for the world of drums and of percussions, was born since I was very young, thanks to the influence that I immediately received from my father, also a drummer and musician. It was he himself who made me enter to the world of music and teaching me the first few rhythms, also attending at the same time his shop of musical instruments. 
At the age of 8 I had my first group experience, playing in a punk rock and alternative rock cover band. 
Later I played as a drummer in different groups in the area where I live, ranging from different genres. 
At the age of 9, participating in the event "La Rejouissance- Gioie Musicali", which takes place every year in the province of Asolo, I had the opportunity to play with the guys of the Conservatory of Piacenza under the direction of Mike Applebaum. I was so fascinated by this experience that, as soon as I got home, I asked my parents if they wanted to enroll me at the conservatory. 
So in 2007 I started my studies in symphonic percussion instruments at the Conservatory of Pescara under the guidance of my teacher CLARA PERRA. Subsequently, because of her premature death, I moved, during the seventh year of the course, at the Conservatory G. Rossini in Pesaro, where, under the guidance of the teacher CINZIA HONNORAT, I obtained my degree in 2018 . 
I wanted to undertake the study of classical and contemporary percussions because, as well as the drums, I have always been fascinated, so I had the opportunity to learn other ways of reading, interpretation and interaction with the music itself. 
I really enjoy to play instruments like Marimba, Vibraphone, the snare drum in the classical and post-modern context. Without a doubt these instruments have been and will continue to be a great educational aid under the instrumental and musical points of view, since all their influence has been very useful for my musical growth on the drums, having received at the same time inputs coming from different musical genres: from the classical, to the chamber repertoire up to the contemporary, and then spread over all the genres of modern music (Blues, Jazz, R & B, Rock / Progressive, Funk, Fusion, Hip-Hop, Pop). 
I attended the Berklee courses in 2013 in the "Umbria Jazz festival", under the guidance of the teacher Ron Savage, where I had the honor of receiving from the whole body teachers, the recognition as the best talent of that edition, as well as being also selected as a drummer by the double bass player Giovanni Tommaso, along with five other components, to open the "Umbria Jazz Winter Festival" in Orvieto in 2013. 
I participated in various competitions as a drummer, including "The Italy PAS Competition", winning the first place as a drummer in the editions of 2012 and 2014 under the judgment of drummers RICK LATHAM and ZORO, and participating as a percussionist in the competition of the classical drum in 2013 edition, winning the second place. 
I also participated in the TV Show "Italy's Got Talent" in 2016, reaching the semi-finals. 
In 2017 I have been in USA with others students of G. Rossini's Conservatory in three different colleges located in the cities of Chicago and Milwaukee, playing at the same time with a wind symphony orchestra together with some elements from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the Masters Lawrence Dale Harper and Scott Corley.
I also achieved the Master of Specialization at the course led by Maxx Furian and called "Batteria Maxxima" at "Nam Bovisa" music school in Milan. 
In 2019 I played with the band of Julie Mayaya (led by the guitar player Marius Pop), a popstar singer from Romania and winner also of the TV Show "The Voice of Romania" in 2012, on his preview concert that launched her new EP that went out this year.

Actually I'm also playing with the guitar player from Romania Marius Pop, and working on his new Fusion Music project for his upcoming album.